Yale University

I just finished drawing my Yale University maze this evening. I started with a campus map of all the various schools and colleges at Yale (parking lots, dormitories, etc are not included). I traced along some of the campus sidewalks and the cemetery roads (that’s the odd grid in the middle), but mostly I just meandered along, trying to connect all of the buildings together in one way or another.

This doesn’t have a proper start or finish. Instead, you can challenge yourself… can you get end-to-end? Or between two different sections? If you really want a challenge, try reaching every single building- yes it is possible!



This one was actually a lot of fun to do. It’s full of weird little doodads and patterns in-between the maze pathways. You can see the process in the video here. That creepy little face on Cape Cod was completely incidental.

The maze starts on I-90 coming from NY and ends on Cape Cod (reverse that for an even more difficult maze).

The song is by Chris Zabriskie from his Undercover Vampire Policeman album.

New Hampshire Maze

Here is New Hampshire in all of its glory! This one took a lot longer than I expected, but overall turned out well. I think whichever state I do next (Vermont? Massachusetts?) will have far wider pathways. There's no reason these need to be the hardest mazes ever, after all.

The start of this maze is in the bottom right (Where I-95 crosses into the state), and the finish is the city of Concord.

I've never been to New Hampshire! Or New England for that matter. Drawing these has definitely sparked an interest though, I'd love to visit someday. Video of the drawing is below:

My Main Maine Maze

Find your way to Augusta Maine! This is the first maze in what I hope will become a series. We'll start with New England for now, if I can get all 50 states that would be amazing.

Take a look at the process in this video.

Good Mythical Morning

Hey there - It's been a while! I have a few new mazes planned, but I haven't had a chance to really sit down and focus on any lately. In the meantime, check out this Good Mythical Morning themed maze I made last year. GMM is a popular YouTube channel that I occasionally watch. This drawing was as much of an experiment in using my new Apple Pencil as it was anything else. But I think it turned out great. You can watch the step-by-step progress in the video below:

Stuff You Should Know Maze

Below is a video showing my progress of a Stuff You Should Know themed maze. For the uninitiated, Stuff You Should Know is a podcast from www.howstuffworks.com. The hosts Josh and Chuck cover just about any topic you can think of.

I listen to it frequently and after the success of my Good Mythical Morning themed maze, I thought I'd follow it with another show that I enjoy.

But - to be honest, I'm not all that thrilled with the way this turned out. The maze has no real focus - it sort of ended up as a big blob. The details are hard to spot too. You won't find this maze listed on the main page or in the store because I'm just not that happy with it. I may make a second attempt in the future.

From Idaho to Scotland...

This past December, I participated in my first Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange. I, of course, opted to send my gift exchange recipient a custom maze.

Redditgifts.com will send you a list of your recipients interests, so I had a pretty good idea of what to make the maze about. She was a big fan of the shows Adventure Time and Over the Garden Wall, she had always wanted to visit Scotland, and she dreamed of hang-gliding with her future husband some day.

You can watch the process here: 

This maze would eventually become "The Eraser" maze, after I removed all of the Secret Santa-specific parts. 

Starting Fresh...

I'm starting 2017 off with a new Maze Dojo site. I'll use this blog section to post about new drawings going forward and go into more details explaining the thoughts behind each piece.  Check back soon for more updates!