Maze Dojo

Maze Dojo is the work of Indiana native Ben Uelk. Ben drew his first maze in 1998, but it wasn't until 2007 when he started creating the intricate mazes found here. Since then, his mazes have been featured in print magazines, online publications, corporate events, and music album artwork.

Each maze is drawn by hand with either ink & colored pencils, or, more recently, a digital tablet and stylus. They are completely solvable as real puzzles.

If you are interested in custom mazes, digital copies, mazes for classrooms, or if you just have some general questions, you can contact Ben at

About the name: Dojo in Japanese literally means “Place of the Way”. What could be more fitting? On top of that, a dojo is a place for immersive learning or meditation - and for Ben, creating and solving mazes is a meditative, relaxing experience.